Evergreen Energy Technologies Inc is a company based in Calgary, Canada, who has developed off-grid power supply solutions including “The Power Pod”. This is a completely new approach that can be used to replace pneumatic venting devices at remote well sites, and other power generating applications.
Construction of prototypes and laboratory testing have been completed successfully (2009-2010). CSA electrical approval has been obtained (2010). Field-testing is completed (2010-2012) at several sites operated by several major oil & gas producers. Commercial sales of production units have also begun (2011) with equipment delivered to several industries including oil & gas producers, mining, scientific / remote sensing and security.
We have a supplier partnership with SFC Energy of Brunnthal, Germany to distribute their line of EFOY PRO fuel cells, which are also used in our system.
Evergreen has been an official direct distributor of SFC's EFOY Pro products since 2009, when we became the first company in Western Canada to do so.