Oil & Gas Pipeline Shutdown Valve Station & Repeater Station: Keep control of your assets and reduce risk 24/7/365.
Oil & Gas Well-site SCADA / Instrumentation: Ensure data access and control of your remote operations year-round.
Electric Chemical Injection Pump: Reduce operating expense, increase production, and reduce GHG emissions.
Mining Seismic Monitoring: Ensure critical data is available from remote sensors 24/7/365.
Electric Air Compressor: To run existing pneumatic process instrumentation.
Hybrid Add-on to Existing Solar Power System: Build on to your existing investment.
Telecom (Repeater Stations): Add reliability in challenging remote areas.
Cathodic Protection for Pipelines: DC power for remote gathering systems without rectifier access.
Security / Surveillance: Nearly silent, portable DC power for hidden camera systems with long autonomy.
Transportation Monitoring: Weather, condition and usage for road, railway, and aviation facitilities.
Forestry / Wildlife Monitoring: Nearly silent, portable DC power for camera / sensor systems with long autonomy.