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CoolPro Cathodic Converter

The CoolPro Cathodic Converter allows operators to use a standard 12/24 VDC power source (i.e. SolarFuel Cell, or TEG) to provide Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP).

Buried structures such as pipelines, well casings, bridges, and storage tanks are all examples of structures that typically require this type of corrosion protection.
Many ICCP systems use AC power where available, converted to DC via a rectifier system. This is no longer necessary when using the CoolPro, along with Evergreen's hybrid power generation system (MoHyGen, for example), giving the operator freedom to locate the protection wherever it is needed most.

It is important to have precise control of the current delivered to the protected structure, since this counteracts the natural current created by the corrosive process. Too much is bad, and too little is also bad. The CoolPro system allows the operator to precisely tune the setting in order to meet this need. Also, the optional reference cell feature allows the controller to self-adjust the current to meet changing resistance due to seasonal variations (soil moisture changes, etc). Optional satellite or cellular communication systems (Mobiltex RMU-3 for example) are also available.

Loads of features, precise control (0-30A output), and very high efficiency (up to 98%) are all part of the CoolPro package. Designed and manufactured by AERL in Australia (est. 1985), and available in Canada through Evergreen.

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Jul 10, 2014, 1:52 PM
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