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EFOY PRO Accessories

Various EFOY Pro accessories are available to enhance the impressive capabilities of these machines. Some of the more popular ones are as follows:
DuoCartSwitch (DCS):
The optional DCS device allows the EFOY Pro to connect to (2) fuel cartridges for longer time between re-fueling. Also has built-in fuel consumption measurement via Cat5 data cable connection to EFOY Pro. Also see Operational Tips section below.
M28 Adapter:
Re-usable hose adapter that allows the EFOY Pro (or DCS) to connect to the largest methanol fuel cartridge (M28 =28L size).
Interface Adapter (Cat5 - Serial Port):
Allows 2-way communication connection to EFOY Pro for either local computer hookup or remote access via serial port. Serial - USB adapter also available if there is no serial port on the computer.

Fuel Level Sensor (FS1):
Used as a low level alarm sensor for fuel cartridge. Non-invasively mounted onto outer surface of fuel cartridge, it communicates back to the EFOY Pro when the level drops below a certain point. Also see Operational Tips section below.

Evergreen's Operational Tips for the DCS and FS1:


The DCS will also report the amount of fuel consumed from the active jug since it was switched onto that jug (this resets consumption to zero). Example: “SFC” command will list the consumption at the bottom of the parameters list, including which one is the active jug. However, it does not know if that jug was full to begin with, so it may not be totally reliable as a low-fuel warning.


The DCS will switch automatically to the other jug when it starts to suck air (actually empty). Or it can be switched by command (remotely, or at the site via computer). Example: “duocartswitch switch2”. Or you can reset the current active jug status to full by using the same command on the currently active jug (same number). Read the jug numbers from the DCS case where the two hoses come out. To keep proper consumption reporting, this reset would have to be done manually if you switch out an active jug before it was empty and had auto-switched over to the other.


When it finds an active jug is empty, it should keep switching to the other jug regardless of which one, until both are empty. Then the fuel cell will stop operation (out of fuel).


CAUTION: The very first time you install it, you do have to activate the DCS in the EFOY, by sending the command “duocartswitch on”. This will allow it to operate/switch AND report the consumption (otherwise it won’t do either). We normally do this activating here when we sell a Power Pod unit that includes the DCS option. Note that you do not need to actually physically install the DCS in order to activate the EFOY for one. In fact you can measure fuel consumption without the DCS as long as it is activated in the EFOY.


Regarding the FS1 low-fuel sensor option: it is totally independent of the DCS operation, and as such is not relying on the operator to manually reset the DCS if he changes out an active cartridge in the field (see above). It merely reports a different message in the “SFC” command if the fuel level falls below the location of the switch. On a DCS-equipped unit, you would install the FS1 on cartridge #2 only, so it would warn you after both cartridges were nearly empty in total. Leaving some time to access the site before running out of fuel of course.

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