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Methanol Cartridges

Evergreen also supplies the fuel necessary to operate the EFOY PRO Fuel Cells, in spill-proof safety-rated containers. These m
ethanol cartridges are available in 5, 10, and 28 litre sizes. We ship from Calgary via Purolator Ground to anywhere in Western Canada within 2-3 business days.
Fuel consumption by the fuel cell is about 0.9 liter per kWh (or 1100 Wh per litre), and is effectively zero when charging is not required. Variable ambient conditions can affect fuel consumption slightly.
Methanol has a very high energy density, making it easier to transport and change-out at remote sites than other portable fuel sources.
For example, a 10 litre methanol cartridge weighs 8 kg, and provides the same power as the following alternatives:
A) a 60 liter high-pressure compressed hydrogen tank which weighs 85 kg (for a hydrogen fuel cell).
B) about (26) fully-charged 35Ah batteries, which together weigh 300 kg (just replacing batteries).
C) a 25 gallon propane bottle which weighs 80 kg (for a thermoelectric generator)
Also, being a liquid and contained at atmospheric pressure, it is simpler to handle and store than compressed gases. It is quickly biodegradable, and remains a liquid (will not freeze) over any range of weather conditions found on earth.
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