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Mobile Hybrid Generator

Evergreen's Mobile Hybrid Generator (MoHyGen) trailer unit combines our Power Pod / EFOY Pro fuel cell generator with conventional solar panels and controllers to provide reliable, clean, quiet power instantly to any site that has road access. Just tow it to your site, plug it into your equipment, and turn it on.
Perfect for short-term sensing / monitoring / surveillance projects, or even for permanent sites that are still waiting for future grid tie-in.
It can also be used as an emergency maintenance power source for sites that are experiencing "technical difficulties".
In addition, the MoHyGen trailer can be used as a platform for adding customer-supplied equipment - such as surveillance cameras, lights, telecom repeaters, environmental sensors, etc.
Your imagination is the only limit - please contact us for details!
EXAMPLE: Osprey Informatics now has their Osprey Reach camera surveillance system installed on our MoHyGen trailer, as a very cost-effective and simple solution for remote site monitoring. As a bonus, the integration also includes the ability to remotely monitor and control the the EFOY Pro and Solar Charge controller too. View or download the brochure below for more info.
Darryl West,
Apr 15, 2013, 1:52 PM