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The Power Pod


Evergreen's (Type D) Power Pod comes standard with CSA electrical inspection & approval on each unit.

The vertical cabinet-style enclosure provides easy access to everything, and has room for up to (2) 28L fuel cartridges inside and the optional DCS device to automatically switch between them.


Developed through R&D efforts since 2008, Evergreen's Power Pod system integrates the latest EFOY PRO industrial-grade fuel cell into a stand-alone, fully-automatic, hybrid DMFC-solar DC power supply unit capable of operation down to -40C for year-round reliability. The additional systems included in the Power Pod are necessary to allow the EFOY Pro to operate in locations where a heated, non-hazardous-area building is not available.


The most common type of installation (Hybrid) may include typical solar panels such that the fuel cell backs up the solar automatically. It can easily retrofit onto existing solar sites, or we can totally optimize your entire hybrid power system on new sites (ask us how).


The Power Pod offers better reliability than pure solar, and lower fuel consumption / GHG emissions than thermoelectric generators.

We also are a partner/reseller for SFC Energy of Germany, distributing their EFOY Pro fuel cells (used in our systems).


Our units are operating in the field now with major Oil & Gas producers & pipelines (and also in other industries), for both fixed and mobile/trailer installations.

Evergreen has also received funding from CCEMC and other Government sources for R&D work.


Download the Power Pod brochure (below) and also see the Frequently Asked Questions list, for more information.

A sizing spreadsheet is also available.

Darryl West,
Apr 15, 2013, 1:50 PM